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 Where Ganga Descends



Thought One

I have had the good fortune of having been in the lap of Gangotri.

Gangotri literally means 'Ganga Utari', which means 'the place where Ganga descended' as a reward for King Bhagirathi's severe penance. The source of the river is at Gaumukh, 18kms south east of Gangotri. The Ganga one sees here is a Vibrant Maiden, singing as She skips through the stones that come in Her way.

Ma Ganga's first name is 'Bhaagirathi' Her descent from Heaven is due to the fervent prayers of King Bhagirath. In Gangotri one can still witness the stone where Bhagirath prayed for 5500 years. 

Gangotri is situated at the confluence of the rivers, Kedar Ganga & Bhagirathi.

 The Gangotri Temple is 20 feet high and made of white granite. 

The Divine River rises in a snow-field situated  among three Himalayan mountains all more than 22,000 feet high. The view is breath-taking and can compare with nothing that I have seen in my travels around the world. I dipped in Her frozen waters, and felt myself cleansed and charged with an Energy beyond compare.

I was lucky enough, to visit the 'Gauri Kund', the 'Surya Kund', both spots which required expertise in trekking,  which I do not know where it came from, for me. I saw the 'Pandu Gufa' or the cave where the Pandavas resided with Droupadi during their sojourn through these regions. 

I trekked the mountains where one slip would mean a tremendous down-fall (But isn't that what Life is?). And like in Life, I felt confident that I was being held by a hand stronger than my Guide's. I met Saints whose eyes divulged experiences beyond words. One Saint said "This place is Higher than Heaven!" and believed it. As I sang, they told me that my voice would reverberate in the Valley forever. There is so much that I want to tell you, but words seem to fail me. Suffice it to say that it was an 'Out of the World trip' and a Heavenly Experience'.

Look at the picture below. Does it not seem like the bells descend from Heaven? Look beyond! You will see Ganga Maiya!

According to Kailash Vajpehi, it is not only in India but in other parts of the world also that rivers have been referred to as mothers. Volga is Mat Rodanya that is, mother of the Land, Ireland's river Boyne is worshipped as Goddess. The Thai River Mae-nau translates literally as water Mother. In ancient Egypt, the floods of the Nile were consiered the tears of the Goddess Isis...Ved Vyaasa said: "Anyone who cuts trees and pollutes rivers commits suicide."

My friend Putli and me.

My Friend Putli & Me

Ganga Dwaja

The above is the Shakti Sthamb (pole) in Uttarkashi outside the Kashi Vishwanath temple. (We saw it on our way to Gangotri) It is believed that no one knows what material the pole is made out of and how deep it descends. The amazing part about the pole is that if you use your might to shake it, it does not move. However, when touched with Shraddha (faith) it yields.  

Today, the 21st of October 2006 is Diwali...Happy Diwali

Zam Zam 

Rozas are on and Id is next week

A few days ago I went to an Iftaar party (Iftar is the meal taken at the time of breaking the fast for the day)...only women...It was wonderful to interact with Beautiful Intelligent Muslim women who generally are burqa clad.

As we spoke I reconfirmed to myself what I always knew...that under the outside coverings we are essentially 'mothers, sisters, friends...'

The highlight of the evening is that I tasted the zam zam water...and I felt as honored as when the good Lord gave me the opportunity during this lifetime to not only drink but take a complete 'dubkee' in the Gangotri, up in the mountains...where Ganga descends...

I feel blessed!


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