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Thoughts on 'Guru'

According to Ma a guru is one who you can love trust and say 'yes' to. He is on the path that you are most comfortable in, just ahead of you, lighting the way, with your hand firmly in his/hers.

Just like one requires a teacher for anything in life that one wishes to learn. It makes it easier rather than experiment by trial and error, specially in the Spiritual path. But most importantly he/she is one who is able to point out where you are straying from your god-given mission.

You cannot decide that. The Life Spiritual does.

Not if you can be extremely aware of your shortcomings, and you can be your own guru. Everyone has a family doctor. Even doctors do.

There are no 'shoulds. Most of these happenings just 'happen'

Mostly a guru selects his disciples, but then again these are pre-destined relationships

Depends upon what you are looking for. What are the qualities of a prospective bride/groom?

Faith and receptivity

Most real gurus teach and give you the freedom to choose. Some however have their conditions like the Radhasoamis. But then they are very clear about what they expect from disciples, from the very beginning. You have the freedom to decide whether you want to follow that path!

Faith, Love


A Reader (Sudhakar Naidu) asked:

Q1:  I want to know is it mandatory for every one , that only guru can help in complete transformation?
A:  No! If you are brutally aware about your shortcomings and have a clear direction, then you can be your own guru.

Q2: Can a person with self realization and knowledge from literature of Vivekananda, Buddha, Aurobindho and Rabindranath Tagore help transform himself in to a realized soul? These questions are raised considering "Myself " as an example. I did not encounter any guru, but I consider my true self as my guru and when ever I found myself stuck up with the problems of materialistic world, I look to my inner self and ask question and I get the answer. And I follow according to the advice from inside. Now Please enlighten me the need for guru in my case.

A:  If you are absolutely sincere then you probably don't. But I would still ask a Spiritual Master who knows you personally. Read my thought on Guru Purnima

Read 2 points of view of 2 Masters


Wed, March 25th 2009-03-25

 Transcending The Need For A Living Guru

Talk: Jiddu Krishnamurti

 I wish you had never heard the word Ďguruí. That is a discredited word... The true meaning is, one who dispels ignorance, not adds the guruís ignorance to you... There have always been western gurus from ancient times. The priest, acting between you and whatever he calls god, or the saviour. This has also existed in India.
   When the speaker asks to think together, he is not setting himself up as a guru. It is not agreeing. It is not to accept the ideas, the conclusions... The speaker in fact has no conclusions. But he says think together, in the sense, letís both of us observe together. Observe, and letís find out what it means to observe. That doesnít give him any authority. You can make him into an authority, which would be unfortunate, but he doesnít accept any authority, or have any authority... If he is accepting conclusions, ideals and so on... and is accepting disciples then he is in a state of corruption, whoever it is.
   So please donít make me into a guru and i wonít accept you as a disciple because the disciple destroys the guru, the guru destroys the pupil. So there is no sense of authority in this. And when he says think together, it is very simple: if i am prejudiced... and i say letís think, which means i want to force it on you. But he says constantly, together, which means share together what we are observing, out there and in here. Thatís all.
   This desire, this longing for somebody to tell us, that is the root of it. Somebody to tell us how to live, how to love, how to think. That is, education has been how to think: you must think this way. And most of us unfortunately, young and old, long for some shelter, the more romantic, the more pleasurable, the more satisfying, the better it is. Apparently we seem to be incapable of standing alone. You know that word Ďaloneí means all one. When you are really alone, not contaminated, not corrupt because you are attached to something. Then you are alone because being free you are that whole human entity, human world, but we are frightened to be alone. We all want to be with somebody, either with a person or with an idea, an image.
   You know what it means to be alone? To walk alone in the woods, to walk alone along the river, not hand in hand with somebody or other, but to be alone ó solitude, which is different from aloneness. If you are walking by yourself, you are watching the sky, the trees, the birds, the flowers and all the beauty of the earth. Also, perhaps you are watching yourself as you casually watch the woods and the trees and the flowers as you are walking along. Not having a dialogue with yourself, not carrying your burdens with you, you have left those at your home.
   So solitude reveals your loneliness, your vanity, your sense of depression. And when you have finished with solitude there is the other ó which is not a conclusion, belief, or doing propaganda ó telling you what it means to look. That is not propaganda, that is not pushing you in any direction.
   When you are directed, guided, then you become a slave and you lose freedom from the very beginning. Freedom isnít at the end, it is at the beginning, contrary to what some ideologies say, that freedom can only be given to the disciplined who know how to live and so on ó they are the dictators who tell us how to live, as the gurus do, so we become their slaves. And where there is no freedom there is no love and truth.



 March 24th 2009

 It Takes A Living Master To Bring Alive Sutras

 Discourse: Sadhguru

 A spiritual practice by itself is nothing. You have to breathe life into it; otherwise, it will not become alive. This is why traditionally, there is much reverence for a live guru. Doing yoga without a living guru is like stillbirth. If you are looking for exercise, i would say go play tennis, take a swim, take a walk or climb a mountain.
   The yogic system was not created as an exercise form. It is a subtle manipulation of your system to allow it to rise to a different level. Yoga means Ďunioní. Every asana, every mudra, every way of breathing ó is focused towards ultimate union. If it has to become alive, you have to breathe life into it. This is why yoga was given in the form of sutras. The word sutra literally means Ďthreadí. Without a thread, there is no garland, but you never wear a garland for its thread. You wear it for the fragrant flowers that it holds. But without a thread, there is no garland.
   When Patanjali gave the sutras, he only gave the thread. It has been for each master to put together the flowers, beads, pearls, or diamonds, or whatever else he likes. But Patanjali gave the thread; you cannot change the thread, nobody can because it is a live thread. This is not something that somebody thought up; this is not an idea. This is a very deep observation of life. So you cannot change that because that is how life is made. But what kind of garland one makes out of this thread is left to each master or guru who comes along the way. To make a garland out of this thread, he has to have some stuff of his own; otherwise, it is not possible to do this.
   This cannot be done in a yoga studio.This will not happen because you have a certificate in yoga. Some subjectivity has to happen, which needs sadhana. You must hold it above your life, not as your profession, not as your hobby, not as something that you do on the side. This must be more important than your life, only then we let you teach; because without subjectivity, you cannot breathe life into it.
   There are many ways to breathe life into the spiritual process. The most rudimentary way is through sacrifice. The simple technology of this is to take a life which is young, a life which is vibrant. When you break that life, it releases a certain amount of energy. There is a whole technology of using that energy to convert it into another form.
   Many idols are consecrated by this means. Once you have a consecrated idol, every day you must make the necessary offerings depending upon how that particular energy form is created. Because it is not a toy to play with, it is not a toy for you to work out your emotions. It is not a psychological tool. If you do not keep it up all the time, it will die. Or it will become a receding energy. When it becomes a receding energy, it causes more harm than well-being.
   So, constantly sacrifices were done. That is very rudimentary technology. There are more sophisticated ways of doing the same by using oneís own energy system. This needs a certain level of mastery and development of the energy system.
   If you were not restricted by the limitations of logic, if all of you were simply open, i would not waste your time and my time talking. Everything that needs to happen, will happen, just by the presence. My work is not about changing your attitude but to touch you at your core. A touch that will leave you transformed. Not changed but transformed.


Guru Purnima specifically is a day where there is a possibility to be receptive to the particular dimension which we refer to as the Guru - not that it is not available on other days; the guru's grace always is.

You don't seek a guru first of all. You create a deep longing to know - a guru will happen to you. You don't seek, going about choosing who is a better guru. You just create a deep longing. What you call as guru will happen to you because guru is not a person. A guru is a certain space, a certain energy. It can only happen to you. It is not somebody you meet. It is not somebody that you shake hands with. It is not somebody that you bow down to. It is not somebody to whom you go and beg for this or that. That space, that energy which you refer to as guru will happen to you. It will overwhelm you. It will destroy you the way you are so that you will become unbound - the way the Creator intended you to be.

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