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Gems from Morari Bapu’s discourses

5th July 1992

 I have loved listening to discourses of Sri Morari Bapu.

I always make notes on what inspires me and I find beautiful…

Some lines I have not translated…I can’t…

I would like to share them with you.



 Gopi Bhav is when all your senses are attached to the Lord.

Krishna is Gopiyon ke pati ke pati  (Husband of husbands)


Bhakti ki jitni vrittiyan hain

Woh Krishna ko dhundhti hain


Sandeh (Doubt) Svaarth (selfishness) and kapat (hypocrisy, wrong deeds)

The above three keep you from Guru Kripa (Guru’s Grace)

 India is not a poor country while it has Shrimad Bhaagvad and Bhaagvad Geeta

 Stages of Bhakti

I shall do what you desire (Jo aap chaaho woh main karoongi)

Higher stage of Bhakti (Sharanaagati)

You do what you desire (Jo aap chaaho woh aap hi karo)


 Kisi bhi bhaav se prabhu ke paas jaao-lekin jaao

Even if the gopis went to Krishna with ‘kaam’

It became Krishna-may-prem


The shankh (conch) is the symbol of Gyan (knowledge)

The Murli (flute) is the symbol of Bhakti (Love)

When you blow the conch, your head is up

When you play the flute your head is down.


7th July 1992

The first step to become a ‘Gopi’ (A real Bhakta):

Your Vaani (speech) and Vartaav (behaviour)

Must become Madhur (pleasing, gentle, sweet)


The Gopis ‘roothee’ (got annoyed, complained, had a gentle fight with Krishna)

But that is the way of Love.

The Gopis would protect Krishna, They wanted nothing to come between them and Him.


Ways to listen to Spiritual Discourses

         Like mitti (earth)

When it rains, it becomes wet, but later it dries

      Like a ‘Hans’ (separates water from milk)

Takes what suits one and leaves the rest.

      Like a ‘tota’ (parrot) Can repeat but does not understand the essence.

      Chhidra vala ghada (A vessel with a hole)

Initially it seems full but is dripping away.

      Like a stone absorbs nothing.


Do not ask a Guru: “Do you accept me?”

When you dive into the ocean, you just jump in, you do not ask for permission.


Krishna ‘nainon se maarte hain’

When you hit with weapons, blood flows, but when you ‘hit’ with the eyes, tears flow.


 The river Yamuna is black, because of the tears that were shed (and fell into the river) from the Gopi’s kohl smeared eyes


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