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Happy Diwali


Dear children,

On Diwali, we celebrate the coming home of Sri Ram from his 14 year stay in the forest. He returned victorious after he had slain the demon king Raavana.

I have already told you the story of Ram and Seeta. If you have not saved it in the folder, you could read it on my web-site.

On Diwali we also celebrate the fact that Krishna killed Narakasura, another demon king.

It is believed that Narakasura lived in a place called Pragjyotishapura, which is known as 'Assam State' today.

What is interesting to know is that when Krishna wanted to wage war against Narakasura, Krishna's wife Satyabhama, who was adept in archery, wanted to join her husband...and she did.

The fireworks denote the fiery weapons that Krishna used.

The above 2 stories and their connection with Diwali tell us that Goodness and Truth always wins. It takes take time and trouble, but it always pays, to be good and truthful.

We also believe that the Goddess Laxmi, (Goddess of Wealth) comes to our home during Diwali. To welcome Her, we clean our homes and decorate them with Rangoli.

Do you know what Rangoli is?

It is pictures of beautiful colors, with which we decorate the entrance of the house.

It looks like a beautiful carpet, for Goddess Laxmi to walk on.

Did you know, that the long way of saying Diwali, is Deepavali?

Deepavali means a row of lights.

One also lights small lamps which are called deeyas.

Do you know why, in most religions, fire is worshipped?

Let me tell you.

The flame always rises upwards.

We should also always strive to move higher in life.

The light of the flame removes darkness.

Darkness could stand for ignorance.

And fire destroys impurities. Gold shines brighter when it goes through fire.

So light Deeyas, Spread love amongst family and friends, enjoy your sweets and bring cheer to all.

Have a wonderful Diwali,

With love,

Dadi-Ma Nani-Ma

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