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Dear Children, 

Guru Nanak's Birthday falls this coming Friday, the 26th  of November2004.  Click:


Thanksgiving is celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November.

Every day should be a day to give thanks to God for all that He has provided for us.

There is an interesting story connected with 'Thanksgiving' which I am about to share with you. In the year 1609 a group of people left England for Holland. After having lived in Holland for a while, they decided to travel to America. They sailed in a ship called 'Mayflower' The trip was long and cold and it took them 65 days to reach. Since the pilgrims were afraid that a fire would break out aboard the ship, they used to eat the food without cooking it. Many people fell ill and one died. The Pilgrims settled in the excellent harbor of Plymouth where there was plenty of fish available. The new settlers were however afraid that a group of local Native Americans would attack them.

But amongst the Natives, there was a brave one who had learned English from captains of fishing boats. His name was Samoset. 

Samoset had a friend, called Squanto, who was also a Native and had traveled to England and Spain and knew how to speak English very well. They both befriended the Pilgrims. Samoset walked into the Plymouth Settlement, welcomed the Pilgrims and Squanto taught the Pilgrims how to tap the maple trees for sap. Squanto also taught the pilgrims how to recognize plants that had medicinal properties or were poisonous and how to plant the Indian corn.

The Pilgrims were happy. They had built homes, raised crops and were friendly with the Natives. It was time for Thanksgiving and celebration. Squanto and other Indians joined in. It is believed that that celebration took place in Mid-October. Difficulties followed. The following year, the harvest was not so bountiful. The third year the crops died in the fields. The Pilgrims fasted and prayed and then soon, it rained!

The day of Thanksgiving was proclaimed on the 29th of November that year! New York State made Thanksgiving Day a festival to be celebrated every year! Today Thanksgiving is celebrated on the 4th Thursday of every November! 

With love,
Dadi-Ma Nani-Ma

Keep a gratitude journal

Inspired by an article by Henry Fountain

You are expected to be grateful on Thanksgiving Day

One should be grateful all the time.

It is a necessary requisite for giving healing as in Reiki…It is also important if one needs to manifest miracles in ones life.

Even if nothing else, it makes you happier.

Keep a gratitude journal.

Could jotting down a few grateful thoughts, really be the key to contentment?

Robert Emmons, a psychologist at the University of California, Davis and a leading expert in positive psychology states:

“There are really tangible, concrete benefits to being grateful”

Health improves, relationships get better, people are more active and enthusiastic…

But as Emmon says: Keeping a journal may be simple but it is not easy…there is the sheer discipline of writing…the key is not just to write it down but to write it down mindfully-to focus, to imagine, to re-experience…Tal Ben-Shahar, a lecturer in psychology in Harvard says: “If we are not aware of the good things in our lives, then as far as we are concerned they don’t exist.”

So keep a journal, I do!


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