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Dear children,

Do you remember the story of Shree Rama and Seeta?

I remember sending it to you.

Just to remind you, Shree Rama was a king and Seeta was his queen.

We believe that Shree Rama is an incarnation of God.

Seeta is an incarnation of a Goddess.

Incarnation means, when God takes birth on earth in a human form.

Once, while Shree  Rama and Seeta were in a forest, Seeta was kidnapped by a demon called Raavan.

Shree Rama urged Raavana  to return Seeta unharmed.

But Raavana refused.

Shree Rama with the help of Hanuman, the monkey God and his army, marched against Raavana, who lived in the golden city of Lanka.

After a very fierce battle, Raavana was defeated.

The above story in detail, is called the Ramaayana.

Hanuman is one of the most colorful characters in the  Ramaayana.

He truly loved Shree Rama and Seeta and wanted nothing in return for his service.

Seeta gave him very valuable pearls as a gift for all the service that Hanuman had rendered. Hanumanji bit the pearls and said that Shree Rama and Seeta were not seen in them. Therefore, he threw the valuable pearls away.

If you notice, you will find that Hanuman is red in color.

Let me tell you the reason.

Seeta would apply a red color dot on her forehead.

Hanuman asked her the reason for this practice.

Seeta answered that she wore the red colored dot on her forehead as it pleased her husband Shree Rama.

Since Hanuman’s main objective was to please Shree Rama, he decided to dye himself into a red color by dipping himself into a red solution.

 Shree Rama heard about what Hanuman had done, because of his love for Shree Rama. Shree Ramaa was overcome with the emotion of love, and his eyes filled up with tears

If you want to pray to Shree Rama for something it would be a good idea if you asked Hanuman for it. I believe that  Shree Rama finds it very hard to refuse Hanumanji, if he places your wish at Shree Rama’s feet.

When Hanumanji was small, he once reached out and caught the sun.

A fight ensued Hanuman fell to the ground and did not move.

Vayu or wind was the father of Hanumanji.

Vayu held Hanuman in his arms.

The world was in danger, because the sun was captured and the 'Wind' refused to blow.

The Gods agreed to restore normalcy. Hanumanji was revived, the Sun sat on its throne in the sky and the wind started to blow once more.

The Gods also promised that when Hanumanji could live as long as he desired, grow big or become small and he would be able to fly.

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