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Hanuman Crosses The Ocean

Dear Children,

Today I am going to tell you about the adventures that Hanuman encountered when he flew over the ocean.

To know about Hanuman, read the story of Ramayana. So now, you know who Rama, Sita and Hanuman are.

Sita was abducted by a demon called Ravan. In order to get to Lanka, where Sita was held prisoner by Ravan, it was necessary to cross the ocean. There were no airplanes during those times, so someone had to literally fly. To accomplish such a feat, everyone felt that only Hanuman was capable.

It is said that when Hanuman was about to cross the ocean he became big in stature. To be big, does not only mean to be tall or stout. To be big also means to be wise, brave and courageous to be able to perform such a difficult task. Though big, Hanuman was light in weight. To be light does not only mean that he was thin and light in weight. What it means is that though Hanuman was so clever and brave, he had no ego and false pride.
As Hanuman crossed over the ocean different demons came across his path. These demons that crossed the path of Hanuman, are like the obstacles that one comes across when one wants to do something good. Let me give you an example. Suppose you really want to study, and a friend comes and tells you, to come out and play with him. It is best to say to that friend that you will play with him after you complete your homework. Let us see what Hanuman did.

Hanuman first flew over a golden mountain. The lord of the golden mountain asked Hanuman to rest, before he continued the journey. The golden mountain is like the friend who asked you to play before studying. Hanuman did not want to rest even on a golden mountain before his mission was completed, that is before he got to Sita. Hanuman won over the first tempting encounter.

Hanuman's next encounter was with a demon who wanted to swallow him. However just as the demon's mouth opened, Hanuman became larger than the mouth. This demon is like the friend who teases you when you want to study, instead of playing, by calling you a goody goody. Becoming larger than the demon's mouth, means that you do not get intimidated by, or afraid of such bullies.

The third encounter of Hanuman was with a demon who lived in the ocean. This demon attacked the shadows of her victims. She was only interested in attacking those who flew high. This demon stands for jealousy.

You know children, when someone is more clever that you, or has better things than you do, you tend to become jealous of them. That jealousy you must stop, by shouting 'NO!' to it. Let us see what Hanuman did! Hanuman killed this adversary with a mighty blow. The only solution to an encounter with jealousy is to kill it

Hanuman moved ahead undaunted by perils. He had defeated each enemy he had encountered on the way. He had not succumbed to temptation, he had not cowed under criticism, had not been influenced by controversies and had not given in to jealousy. All Hanuman wanted was to accomplish the task entrusted to him. He wanted to get to Sita. Are you as determined as Hanuman to achieve your goal? That goal could be to excel in your studies, or to be very good in sports or music, or whatever good thing your heart desires. Hanuman teaches us that one can achieve ones goal, but one must have discipline and one must continue to try, to the best of ones capacity. Then flying over the ocean (achieving our goal) will become easy for us!

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