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Shabri was a woman of ‘low caste’.

Do you know children, that Hindu Scriptures speak of the four castes, which is nothing but four types of professions.

Let me tell you about them.

The first is Brahmin. The Learned, professors, priests…

The Second is the Kshtriyas: The warriors, soldiers, protectors…

The third is the Vaishyas: the Commercial community, shop keepers, traders…

The fourth is the Shudras: The working community, those who serve the first three…

In ancient India, the above were considered professions, and one could change them at will. Thus, if one was born into the business community, no one could stop him from becoming a teacher or washing dishes in a restaurant.

As time passed, the learned class started to feel very arrogant and believed themselves to be the highest, because they were the most learned and knew the Scriptures.

They imposed the ‘law’ that if one was born into one caste, they would remain there for life.

And so the menial workers were referred to as ‘low’ and later ‘untouchable’

But you know children, if the so called ‘low castes’ had been taught Sanskrit, and to read and write it, they would have known that God did not recognize such a terrible ‘law’

I am going to tell you the story of Shabri.

Shabri belonged to the ‘low caste’

No one befriended her.

So she lived alone.

Her Guru had told her, that Sri Ram would one day visit her cottage.

(I have already told you the story of Ram and Sita).

Shabri would decorate her cottage with beautiful flowers every day, hoping that that would be the wonderful day, that Sri Ram would visit her.

One day Ram arrived at her village, as he traveled, far and wide, in his search for Sita.

And He did visit Shabri cottage.

Shabri was beside herself with joy.

She made him sit and brought a plate of berries for him to eat.

She wanted to make sure that they were sweet. It is popularly believed that she tasted the berries before giving them to Sri Ram to eat.

And you know what? Sri Ram ate them with great relish.

Sri Ram was happy at the faith and love that Shabri possessed.

The people in the village were appalled at Shabri’s audacity, but could say nothing to Sri Ram.

They requested Sri Ram to restore the water that had dried up in the well of the village.

Sri Ram said that, that would happen if Shabri bathed in the water of the well, first.

Shabri did. And fresh water returned to the dry well!

Remember children, no one is born high or low. We become ‘high’ or ‘low’ by the way we act.

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