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Divine Revelation


Dear Children,

When Prophet Mohammed was in his late thirties he used to regularly visit a cave near Mount Hira.

When He was 40 years of age he was visited by angel Gabriel who urged the prophet to proclaim!

Prophet Mohammed was initially reluctant and said: "I am not a proclaimer."

The Angel insisted and commanded the Prophet by saying:

 Proclaim in the name of your Lord who created!
Created man from a clot of blood.
Proclaim: Your Lord is the Most Generous,
Who teaches by the pen;

Teaches man what he knew not. (Qur'an 96:1-3) 

Dear Children, In simple words, what the Angel was saying was, that the Prophet should state publicly what God wants to tell the world (that they do not know) through him (prophet Mohammed).

Prophet Mohammed's basic message was to have faith in One True God who he called Allah and in righteous action.

Prophet Mohammed always clarified that he was only a prophet. He was not an angel, he did not know the mind of God and he did not perform miracles. He simply preached what he received.

And receive, he did.

The Quran was the outcome!

Quran is considered the spoken Word of God.

Prophet Mohammed was so peace loving that he signed a peace treaty when many of his followers were ready to fight till death.

He could go without a meal for days on end.

One of the moral virtues of the Prophet is ‘kindliness to unbelievers’

As long as you believe in God you cannot be considered an unbeliever.

And as I have said earlier all prophets, saints and Incarnations should be respected.

Why? Because they are lamps that light the way of those who are good and have moved away from the evil path.

 Would you not rather be in a bright place rather than a dark one?

I know I would!

With love,

Dadi Ma Nani Ma


Hijira and Kaaba

Dear Children,

 During the first three years, Prophet Mohammed had only 40 followers.

Since what the Prophet taught was not in keeping with the Meccan way of life,

The prophet and his followers were ill-treated.

The latter were made fun of, stoned, beaten and thrown into prison.

Dear children, sometimes you have to go through a difficult time, before your hard work bears fruit.

Maybe at that time, God is trying to test how strong your faith is!

Then one day Prophet Mohammed and his followers received good news!

Yathrib, a city 280 miles North of Mecca needed a strong ruler.

A delegation from Yathrib was ready to worship Allah only, and defend defend Prophet Mohammed and his followers if the latter took the job of becoming their leader.

The prophet prayed. When he received approval from Allah, he decided to escape to Yathrib along with his followers.

The leaders in Mecca tried to prevent the escape but Prophet Mohammed along with his close friend Abu Bakr managed to arrived Yathrib safely.

The Muslims celebrate this happening as the Hijira. This event occurred in the year 622. Yathrib was  renamed as Medinat al-Nabi, "the City of the Prophet," and is now known simply as Medina, "the City."

In Medina, Prophet Mohammed proved to be a talented politician.

In 630, Muhammad defeated Mecca.

The Prophet rededicated the Ka'ba temple to Allah.

Mohammed died in 632, having conquered nearly all of Arabia for Islam.

With love,

dadi Ma Nani Ma

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