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Dear children,

Zoroaster, or one may call Him, Zarathustra, was the founder of Zoroastrianism. Zoroaster paved the Path of Discipline, Truth and Progress. In India, Zoroastrianism is followed by the Parsis. Zoroaster was a philosopher, astrologer and healer par excellence. He believed in One God, Who He called Ahura Mazda. 'Ahura' meand 'Lord of Life' and 'Mazda' means 'All knowing'

The Zoroastrian scriptures consist of the Avesta, the Gathas (older hymns), the Middle Persian Pahlavi Books. The date of Zoroaster's life cannot be ascertained. Zoroastrian tradition states that, he lived 258 years before Alexander. After considerable calculations, one can speculate that Zoroaster's birthdate was on 628 BC. It is believed that nature rejoiced at His birth. Zoroaster was born, in what is now, a suburb of Teheran. Zoroaster could have been a priest. He received a vision from the Lord, who He called Ahura Mazda. The Lord urged Zoroaster to preach the truth. The Gathas are Divine songs, which reflect, Zoroaster's communication with Ahura Mazda.

The Religious Authorities of the times of Zoroaster believed in many gods. Zoroaster gave the most important position to Ahura Mazda. He considered Him the Highest God, One who could bestow bliss and immortality.
I shall tell you about Zoroaster's teachings next time.

With love,
Dadi Ma-Nani-Ma

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