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Guru Amardas

Dear Children,

I have already told you about Guru Nanak and Guru Angad.

Now let us read the story of Guru Amardas.

Guru Angad’s daughter Bibi Amro, was married to the nephew of Amaradas.

One day, Amardas heard Bibi Amro singing the hymns of Guru Nanak.

On hearing the story of Guru Angad, Amardas expressed the wish that he wanted to meet Guru Angad.

When Amardas met Guru Angad, Amardas fell at Guru Angad’s feet.

Guru Angad protested as Amardas was not only his relative, but 20 years older.

However Amardas insisted on serving Guru Angad.

Amardas was a very obedient and devoted disciple.

He once sucked out a stubborn stain from Guru Angad’s clothing.

Amardas felt that the impurities of his personality had also got cleansed together with the stain.

Once Guru Amardas went to fetch water at the middle of the night for his guru, when others did not want to do so, as they were sleeping.

As Amradas was returning, he tripped and fell at a weaver’s house.

The wife of the weaver cursed Guru Angad for sending his disciple to fetch water at this unearthly  hour.

Amardas told the weaver’s wife that she was insane to speak badly about Guru Angad who was a man of God.

It is believed that the weaver’s wife went really mad, until her husband sought forgiveness of the Guru.

Guru Angad then gave the gaddi to Amardas.

Gaddi literally means the ‘seat’

Giving the ‘gaddi’ means that Guru Angad nominated Amardas as his successor.

On hearing the above, the son of Angad, Datu became very jealous, and he kicked Guru Amardas.

Instead of getting angry, Guru Amardas told Datu: “I am so sorry, that my hard old bones have hurt your tender feet.”

Then Guru Amardas left for his home town.

However no one accepted Datu as their Guru. So the latter took his belongings and left town. On the way, he was robbed and hurt on the same foot with which he had kicked Guru Amardas.

It is believed that that foot hurt all his life.

The Sikhs called Amardas back to sit on the ‘gaddi’ that had been given to him by Swami Angad.

Guru Amardas encouraged the widows to remarry. And he stopped the terrible custom of women taking their lives when their husband’s died. This terrible custom was called ‘Sati’.

Guru Amardas reigned spiritually for 22 years!

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