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Guru Angad

Dear children,

I have already told you the story of Guru Nanak,

He was the founder of the Sikh Religion. (Though it is generally stated that Guru Nanak and Buddha are the founders of Sikhism and Buddhism. It is important to state that neither Guru Nanak nor Buddha had any intention to found a separate religion. These religions were founded by their followers, and once the religion was established, the credit was accorded to those who preached the particular teachings and mode of conduct.)

Now let me tell you about what is a Guru and what is a Disciple.

A Guru is a teacher. Now you will ask me: “Why is this teacher called a Guru?”

Well, the Guru, is one who teaches, about how to live ones life the right way.

He teaches about our religion, about what our Holy Books say, about what is, right and what is wrong.

Now, the student of the Guru is called the ‘disciple’.

Guru Angad was a disciple of Guru Nanak. He was also called Lehnaji.

One day, Lehnaji heard a beautiful song, sung by another disciple of Guru Nanak.

The song cast a spell on Lehnaji. The latter set out to meet Guru Nanak, on horseback.

On his way, he met an old man. Lehnaji asked him the directions to go to Guru Nanak’s house. The old man showed him the house. When Lehnaji entered the house, he was surprised to find that the old man was none other than Guru Nanak Himself.

Lehnaji felt very remorseful that he had ridden on a horse, while Guru Nanak walked the path to show him his own house!

Once Guru Nanak wanted three bundles of wet, muddy grass to be taken home. Guru Nanak’s own sons refused to do this work, but Lehnaji, was happy to do this task for his beloved master. Guru Nanak’s own wife admonished her husband for making a guest carry  muddy grass. Guru Nanak said that that was not mud but saffron. Surprisingly, the mud dripping from Lehnaji had miraculously changed to fragrant saffron!

Lehnaji would happily follow his Guru’s requests, time and time again.

One day, Guru Nanak wanted his clothes washed in the middle of the night, And yet on another occasion, Guru Nanak wanted a part of the wall, which had collapsed to be repaired.The sons of the Guru and other disciples disobeyed these orders as they considered Guru Nanak a hard taskmaster.

But maybe Guru Nanak was testing Lehnaji to see if the latter was obedient and worthy of becoming Guru Nanak’s successor.

Guru Nanak became very fond of Lehnaji. Guru Nanak told Lehna, that the latter had become as dear to him as a part (Ang) of his body. Hence Lehnaji would be known as Angad.

Lehnaji told his unhappy sons that only one who is sincere, devoted, obedient and self sacrificing is the right kind of disciple, and worthy of becoming his successor.

Thus Lehnaji became Guru Angad, the 2nd Guru, after Guru Nanak.

Guru Angad would wake up very early to meditate, and he healed the sick..

Guru Angad simplified the old Punjabi alphabet. It is called Gurmukhi.

He compiled Guru Nanak’s verses. He opened several schools for children.

He took great interest in their physical fitness programmes.

He was a Great Guru who truly lived by the principles of the Sikh Religion.

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