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Guru Ramdas


Now I am going to tell you the story of the 4th Guru, His real name was Sri Jetha.

When Guru Amardas appointed him as his successor, Sri Jetha was given the name of Guru Ramdas.

Guru Ramdas was the disciple of Guru Amardas. Guru Amardas had 2 daughters, His elder daughter whose name was Bibi Dani was married to Sri Ram.

Guru Ramdas married the second daughter of his Guru.

Her name was Bibi Bhani.

Guru Ramdas was very humble and never expected special favors from Guru Amardas.

Everyone used to tease him for working like an ordinary laborer in his own father-in-law’s house.

Before Guru Amardas died, he wanted to appoint a successor.

So he put both his sons-in-law to the test.

He asked both his sons-in-law to build a platform.

As soon as they were built, Guru Ramdas asked that they be demolished and brought up again. The above operation was carried on many times. At last Sri Ram was upset and asked what was wrong with his construction. Ramdas on the other hand stated that he had probably not understood his guru’s orders.

Guru Amardas appointed Guru Ramdas as his successor as the latter had proved to be more worthy in terms of obedience and humility.

Do you remember, how Guru Nanak had appointed Guru Angad as his successor, as the latter had proved more worthy than his own sons?

Once Guru Ramdas went to visit the son of Guru Nanak whose name was Sri Chand.

At that time Sri Chand had become a hermit who had renounced the world and spent his time praying to God.

Guru Ramdas humbly told Sri Chand that the reason for him having grown such a long beard is, so that he could wipe the feet of holy men, like Sri Chand.

Sri Chand was impressed at Guru Ramdas’ humility despite the fact that the latter was in his father’s place.

Sri Chand conceded that Sri Ramdas had deserved his father’s ‘gaddi’

(I had also explained to you what ‘gaddi’ means. Do you remember?)

Sri Ramdas fulfilled the wish of a childless couple who had served by providing firewood

to warm the shivering crowds in the spiritual camps.

What the childless couple had wished for, was a child.

And a  son was born to the generous and grateful couple.

Guru Ramdas did not make any distinction between rich or poor. Or whether one belonged to a higher caste or a lower caste.

All ate together the same food. This practice is until today called a ‘Langar’.

Guru Ramdas gave rights to a woman, and insisted that they be treated equally.

In the old times, and even today sometimes, women are not given education and are treated worse than the men. Do you think that is fair?

Guru Ramdas excavated the tank around the Golden temple of Amritsar.

‘Sar’ means ‘pond’ and Amrit means nectar.

When it was time for Guru Ramdas to leave the world, he appointed his son Arjan as the successor. Guru Ramdas found his son worthy to succeed him and sit on his ‘gaddi’.

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