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Dear children,

Today I am going to introduce you to, Jesus.

Jesus was my first friend, since I studied in a Spanish Catholic school when I was a young girl. When I returned to India, I attended lectures and discourses of Hindu saints. Krishna became my great friend too. All religions believe in the power of prayer, and I pray, that you understand the story, and the message that I am conveying to you. 

Jesus was born in a stable, in Bethlehem. He grew up in Nazareth. Jesus was baptized by his cousin John. Baptism, is the 'marking' with holy water, of babies. By becoming baptized, it is believed that sins are washed away, and the babies, become members of the Christian community. Hindus believe that their sins are washed away by bathing in the Ganges River…

You may have heard of the three kings, who came from the east, to pay respect to baby Jesus, and brought for him gifts, from their far off land. The kings had seen a bright star, which foretold, the coming of a divine child! 

Jesus was a Jew. Jesus' teachings were based on Jewish scriptures. Jesus respected his religion's laws and customs. Yet, he simplified his teachings to: 'Love, trust and forgive.'

And do you know children, that all the religions teach to love, trust and forgive? Jesus lived, by what he preached. When he was nailed to the cross, he prayed: 'Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do!' Christians believe that Jesus rose from the dead, appeared to his disciples and ascended to heaven. 

One does not require a long life to accomplish ones goal. Jesus died at the age of 33 and did not produce any books, yet Christianity today is one of the most wide-spread religions. Christians believe that Jesus is the son of God, though born of a human mother.

Do you know that most divine children were born in mysterious ways?

Read Divine births

Thought Two

Jesus a true Man of Peace


Jesus was a great teacher who lived over 2000 years ago. 

During His time the religious authorities rejected Him as the Son of God and eventually succeeded in having Him put to death. 

After having undergone humiliations beyond human endurance, Jesus gave up His life.

Yet Jesus prayed for the Ones who nailed Him to the cross.

Jesus said to God: “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”

Such was the compassion of Jesus!

Jesus respected his religion's laws and customs. Yet, he simplified his teachings to: 'Love, trust and forgive.'

Jesus claimed that all we need to do to achieve the "Kingdom of Heaven" is to Serve, Love and Pray. "Knock and the door will open" He said.

The Pharisees understood the commandment: “You shall not murder” as that ‘killing someone’ was a mortal sin. Jesus taught that one must not only abstain from the act of murder but also shun anger and every negative behavior that one engages in.


The simple doctrine angered the priests of those days.


Jesus declined to conform. That was His only 'crime'.

He was crucified because he continued to claim the TRUTH.

He gave up His life to give to Humanity the above simple message. He gave up His life for us. Could we in return try to follow His teachings? 

To forgive our enemies, and to start afresh 

It is possible for us to to ascend, just like Jesus Christ did.

Jesus said: "I AM the resurrection and the Life, whosoever believes in Me shall Live forever"

Ascension, for most of us could also mean that we raise our consciousness with prayer, faith and affirmations.


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