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Laxmibai Shinde is holding the coins given to her by Sai Baba.

I am standing on her left.



Dear children,

I used to go to Shirdi as a young teenager. I have had the good fortune of having had a picture taken with Laxmibai, holding her prized nine silver coins, given to her, by none other than Sai Baba himself.

Much later, I started to write the ‘Dadi Nani ki Kahaani’ stories.

I was asked by a reader why I had not written about the revered saint.

I had no idea why I had not.

Now, I think I know.

I was waiting for the wonderful book: Spiritual Masters ‘SAI BABA’ written by Sonavi Desai to reach my hands.

The above book is a collection of stories, portrayed through the eyes of Laxmibai, one of Sai Baba’s closest devotees, and to whom Baba gifted the silver coins that I have mentioned earlier.

Let me tell you Baba’s story:

The story of Baba’s birth remains shrouded in mystery. But it is believed that he was born in a Hindu Brahmin family and that when he was eight years old, he was taken away by a Sufi Fakir (holy man of Muslim Faith)

Baba spent most of his time in a Masjid ( mosque) and called it Dwarkamai!(Mother Dwarka, the home of Lord Krishna)

Mostly everyone who knows Baba, is aware that Baba came to Shirdi, accompanying Chand Patil, whose sister was to be married to a boy in Shirdi.

What a lot of people may not know is that, Baba predicted accurately, where Chand Patil’s lost mare was.

Chand Patil watched in amazement, as Baba hit the ground, and out came a spurt of water. Sai thrust a pair of tongs into the ground, and drew out a burning ember…

Various were the miracles that Baba performed, but they were not performed to impress.

What others would describe as miracles, came naturally to him.

Baba lit lamps with the aid of water instead of oil, much to the delight of the local  children. Dropping some leaves with some blessed food, into a dry well, Baba made the water in it, overflow. And the celebration of the birth of Sri Rama during Ramnaomi, was not cancelled.

Baba lit a fire, that until today burns constantly, in Dwarkamai. The udi (ash), that comes out, is known to have cured many ailments.

When Baba was asked, what power the ‘udi’ possessed, he answered: ‘The power of faith!”

There are many miraculous and touching stories of the faith, of his devotees, when they used the ‘udi’ that Baba gave them.

Baba would often say that he was one with all living creatures. Thus, Baba would state, that, if one fed a beggar, dog, pig or even an insect, he (Baba) would receive the nourishment.

Baba taught that God is everything. He is perfect infinite and eternal. He is the one who creates, He is the One who protects and He is the One who destroys. He is all pervasive. He just Is. One must seek Him within Oneself and in every form of Creation. One must only develop the ability to recognize Him.

Baba said that One was not required to be very knowledgeable or highly intellectual to recognize the Lord. In fact, He said: “The simpler the mind, the easier it is to find God. Entrust your mind to the Guru. Let him be your guide on this journey. And you shall find God. All you need is Patience (Saburi) and Faith (Shraddha). It’s simple really.”

Dear children, take a moment to ponder, on what Baba said, and take the first step towards him.

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