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(India's President)

I have been reading: Wings of Fire

It is an Autobiography of, APJ Abdul Kalam, the current President of India.

This book tells us about the Presidents deep involvement with India's first Satellite Launch Vehicle SLV-3.

Since I am impressed at the presidents ideas, I am going to share them with you.

The President believes that one must never feel small or helpless. We are all born with a godly fire in us. Our efforts should be to give wings to this fire and fill the world with the glow of its goodness.

Abdul Kalam was born into a middle class Tamil family. His parents though, did not have, a great formal education were very wise and generous.

The high priest of Rameshwaram Temple Pakshi Lakshmana was a very close friend of Abdul Kalam's father. One of the most vivid memories of Abduls early childhood, is of the two men discussing spiritual matters.

Ahmed Jallaluddin greatly influenced the boyhood of Abdul Kalam.

Jallaluddin would talk of God as if He was his partner.

Jallaludin would present all his doubts to God, as if He were standing nearby to get rid of them.

As young Abdul Kalam would look towards the large group of people round the (Rameshwaram) temple, reciting prayers with a sense of respect towards God, whom they (Muslims) treat as the formless Almighty, Abdul believed without a doubt, that the prayers in the temple reached the same God, as the ones offered in the mosque.

Abdul Kalam went for his interview at the Air Force Selection Board, but the opportunity slipped through his fingers.

A deeply disappointed Abdul trekked down to Rishikesh. He bathed in the Ganga and reveled in the purity of its waters then he walked to the Sivananda Aashram situated a little way up the hill. Abdul Kalam told Swami Sivananda about his unsuccessful attempt to join the Indian Air Force and his along cherished desire to fly.

Swamiji smiled washing away all his (Abduls) pain.

Then Swami Sivananda said in a feeble but very deep voice:

Desire, when it stems from the heart, when it is pure and intense, possesses a lot of energy. That which has been imaged will surely and certainly come to pass.

Abdul Kalam believes that the kingdom of God is within you, to help achieve your goals and realize your dreams

And realize his dreams, Abdul Kalam did!

Abdul prayed to God in Schullers church to help him build a Research Centre at the Imarat Kancha-that would be his Crystal Cathedral.

Abdul writes: You, me, everyone on this planet is sent free by God. We are different in the way we make our choices and make our destiny. I do not wish to set myself as an example to others.

The above is what the President writes, but if you ask me, I think that we should be inspired by the way the President thinks.

Don't you think so?

With Love,
Dadi-Ma Nani-Ma

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