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God's Home

Dear children,

Let me tell you a story.

After God created the world, the people would not let Him rest in peace.

They would call him at odd times and complain to Him.

They would go to Him and not allow Him to rest.

Now what could God do? He wanted to hide, but where?

So He found the perfect hiding place.

He hid in everyone’s heart.

People could not find Him, as they preferred to run after the pleasures of the world and never looked inside their hearts.

But those who looked for God in the love and kindness, that lives in the heart, they found Him there.

God lives in everyone’s heart. God’s home is in the heart of a Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Jew, Sikh and every other religion of the world.

I am going to make you sit on my knee, and tell you something.

I am sure that you are intelligent enough to understand what I am about to say.

Do you know that the world is fighting about whose God is more powerful?

And the funny part is that God is One and the same for all and everyone knows it.

Yes it is true that Hindu gods have many names, but they all belong to one God.

The message of all religions is the same. Be it Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist or any other faith. All the religions believe that God is All Powerful. God loves those, who love and help others. All religions believe that one must be compassionate, one must speak the truth and one must pray.

Then why are the grown-ups fighting? And killing each other? I am sure that God is not happy with what is happening. God does not want you to hurt someone because you believe that Allah or Ram or Jesus is greater. They are all different names of the same God.

Dear children, you are going to be the leaders of tomorrow’s world. And you must start thinking right. I am sure that some wrong things have happened.

Brothers and sisters fight, and that makes the parents very unhappy. What makes them happy is when you forgive, forget, kiss, make up and do not repeat the same mistake again.

Am I right?

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