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Learning Leadership

On the 30th of January 2004, I was invited to my school, where I studied as a child. The Captains, that had passed out from school, were passing on the responsibility to the new captains. I was expected to give a short speech to the students.

Would you like to become the captain to your group? Then read what I said to the new captains of the school. Do your best, and leave the rest. Which means that after you have put in your best efforts, into whatever it is that you are tackling…leave the result to God.

Learn to agree to disagree. Do you know what the above means? It means, that when one fights, one must respect the others point of view. Sometimes they are right, in a different way.

Remember that Truth prevails, which means that what is right in God's point of view, wins.

If you are a true leader, your eyes will light up, when faced with a challenge. Once, you jump to a certain height, it becomes more thrilling, when you are made to jump higher.

A person who doesn't feel the thrill of challenge is not a potential leader.

A Leader must be willing to take responsibility. Which means that when you take a decision, you will blame yourself, and not others, if things do not go the way, you expected them to.

No one can lead without being criticized or without facing discouragement.

It's tough enough to succeed when everybody wants you to succeed. People who don't want you to succeed are like weights in your running shoes. But practice to run anyway.

Even if you lose, do so graciously. Say sorry, when you are wrong. It is saying that you are smarter today. YOU are the Leaders of tomorrow's world. And I believe that a good leader is stronger, when he is humble. Do you understand that? You will understand, as you grow older and become wiser.

With love,
Dadi Ma Nani Ma

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