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Mantras For Children

Dear Children,

Do you know what a Mantra is?

It is a prayer. It is some words put together. They have magical power.  If you have read some fairy tales, you might be familiar with magical words.  The stories tell us about words which when uttered open doors.  In 'Ali Baba and a thousand thieves' I think that the words used were 'Open Sesame' and the door opened.

A mantra is something like a password.  I thought that I would tell you about some of them. They are easier to say than a lot that, are in our Holy books.

1) Aum gum Ganapataye namah

This Mantra helps remove obstacles that come in the way of achieving what we want to.

While reciting this mantra, visualize: A lot of greenery. Trees, plants etc Lord Ganpati. A havan ( a bonfire) where you may give your offerings.

2) Aum Aim Saraswateyi Namah

This Mantra helps studies, knowledge. Visualize: White clad Mother Saraswati on a blue ocean. Offer white and yellow flowers.

3) Aum Suryaaya Namah

This Mantra protects, grants courage and confidence.  Visualize a bright Sun (not rising) A yellow lake reflecting sunlight.  Color: Golden yellow.  Feel the rays of the sun falling on you. But let the rays not be hot but comfortable.  Offer: Water and golden yellow flowers.  Drink more water when you chant the sun mantras.

Dear Children, I told you that the above mantras have got magical powers.  But they will work only if you put in your efforts to achieve what you are looking for.  Let me give you an example. Let us say that you say, the 2nd Mantra because you want to do well in your studies.  It is not going to happen unless you study.

I will tell you a story.

There was a man who prayed day and night. He cried to God because he wanted to win the lottery. Days and nights passed. The man did not win the lottery. He was very angry and told God that he was not going to pray any more, because he had been praying for so long and his prayers had been unanswered. Then God appeared to the man and said: 'I could not answer your prayers as you had not bought the lottery ticket!'

Well, even though the above story is funny. We want God to make us do well in our studies when we do not study…or we want to be popular with our friends when we are nasty and not at all helpful! So, say the mantras, believe in them…but most importantly, work on yourselves and believe in yourselves!

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