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A beautiful princess lived in India about 500 years ago.

Her name was Meera.

When Meera was a young girl, she saw a marriage procession go by.

Upon seeing the bride and the groom, she asked her mother whom she would marry.

Meera’s mother replied that Meera’s groom was Lord Krishna.

Meera was overjoyed. 

She would spend hours playing with a statue of Lord Krishna, who she came to believe was her husband. 

And the statue of Krishna would talk back to Meera and play with her.

Time came for Meera to get married. 

Meera refused as she said that she was already married to Krishna.

But her father refused to listen to Meera and insisted that she marry a prince.

She had no choice but to get married to the Prince of Chttor whose name was Bhojraj.

Meera’s husband was a good man and allowed her to continue to worship her Krishna.

He also built a private temple for Meera in the palace.

But soon after Meera’s husband died.

Meera’s brother-in-law (Her husband’s brother) was not happy with Meera and her worship of Krishna. He did not like that she spend so much of her time with ordinary people and saints, with who she enjoyed talking about her Krishna.

So he tried to poison her. He sent Meera a bowl of poison and told her that it was parsaad (Blessed food which had been offered to Krishna)

Meera happily started to drink it. But do you think that Meera was harmed? No way! She was saved by Krishna. 

Another time Meera’s brother-in-law, sent her a snake in a basket. 

When Meera opened the basket, the snake turned to flowers.

Meera left the kingdom so she could spend more time with her Krishna without being disturbed.

Soon after there was a terrible drought in Rajasthan where Meer’s brother-in-law lived.

People believed that everyone was starving because God had punished them for troubling Meera.

Meera’s brother in law asked Meera to forgive him and return home.

But Meera was very happy in Dwarka, where Krishna had lived and ruled, so she forgave her brother-in-law, but did not return to the kingdom.

Instead she went to the Kingdom of Heaven. One day she was singing in her melodious voice and moved towards the statue of Krishna.

And you know what, she melted into Krishna’s arms and disappeared from this earth.

Even today, people love to read and sing Meera’s poems.

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