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Mother Goddess

Dear Children,

You will be hearing your parents speaking about Navratra next week. They start on the 1st of April. I have already told you about our Mother Goddess and the Navratras. 

Let me tell you more about Mother. One of Mother's names is Durga. Durga means a fort. A fort is a place where the old kings used to live. It was very well protected. Similarly, if one worships Ma Durga, it will be like living in a very well protected place, where no enemy can attack! Mother holds weapons and emblems in Her 10 hands. She has a benign face, a smile and a golden yellow hue. She rides a lion and drives a spear into the chest of a Demon. That Demon's name is Mahishaasur. Mahishaasur changed his form many a time, but Mother ultimately trapped him under Her foot. The demon and his various forms represents evil and its various disguises. Also the bad habits that we have. It is believed that Sri Ram prayed to the Mother before embarking for Lanka to fight the demon Raavana. 

The Mother is known as 'Shakti' or the Divine Female Energy. Mother carries a conch in one of Her hands. The conch gives out the sound of OM. The sound OM is considered a sacred syllable by the Hindus. The word OM is easy to remember. Will you remember to say it when you are in distress? 

Most of our Mantras (Prayers) start with the word "OM" The word "I AM" is also very powerful. Never say anything negative after the words 'I AM" Say after me:

I AM Lovable
I AM Healthy
I AM Capable etc

And watch yourself turning into a super human being! But worship Mother first. Ask her for help, protection and guidance! And she will be there for you. Aren't all mothers? Then how can the Divine Mother fail us? She only tests us and punishes us when we are naughty, for our own good!

Got it?

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