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Krishna is called Ranchhod.  Do you know what Ranchhod means?  It means one, who abandons the field of battle.  Anyone who does the above, is generally called a coward.  Do you think that Krishna was a coward?
I do not think so!

Krishna urged His friend Arjuna to fight for what rightfully belonged to him? So then, why did Krishna leave the battlefield? The reason is that a king called Jara Sandh had greatly troubled the inhabitants of Mathura by frequently invading it. However, Jara Sandh would only attack when Krishna was present in Mathura, the reason being that Jara Sandh's enmity was with Krishna. Krishna decided to leave Mathura and the field of battle for the welfare of his people. Krishna concluded that the well-being of the inhabitants of Mathura was more important than His own glory.

So what do we learn from this action of Krishna? I think that what Krishna is trying to tell us, is that there is a time to fight and a time to retreat. A time to fight and a time to forgive and forget. And to forgive and to retreat, can be as glorious as to fight. It all depends upon circumstances.

Do you really understand what I am trying to explain? If you do not, ask mummy or daddy, I am sure that they will be able to explain.

Ah yes! One more thing! I think, that if you are courageous enough to fight, and you decide to forgive, that makes you greater!

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