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Do you know who Shivji is?

Hindus Believe in a Trinity.  They are Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh.  Brahma created the Universe.  Vishnu sustains it. (Looks after it)  Shivji destroys it, and helps Brahma to create it again.

Last week was Maha Shivratri. Maha Shivratri is the night on which Shivji and Parvati got married. So, some people stay awake the whole night chanting and praying.

Shivji is called 'Bhola' (innocent) because it is believed that He is easily pleased and grants boons.

Shivji wears the moon like a crown. He is the Lord of Time. (Time was calculated in olden times by the waning and waxing of the moon).

The snakes are Shivji's ornaments. Shivji loves animals! You often see a dancing pose of Shivji. If you have not seen it, ask mummy/daddy to show you.

That pose is called the 'NataRaja', which means the 'Lord of Dance' That dance stands for the Dance of Creation and Destruction. The drum that Shivji holds in His right hand stands for the Heartbeat of the Universe. Shivji's lower right hand is in a blessing posture. It seems to be telling us that we are well protected. Shivji's upper left hand holds 'fire' Fire is an element that stands for Light and Love and God. Shivji's lower left hand points to the foot. He is telling us to rise, when we fall.

Under Shivji's foot there is a demon which is being crushed. The demon could stand for all the bad habits that we have. You see when we do something bad, Shivji does not 'dislike' us. He helps us crush the bad habits! Shivji's throat is blue in color. The reason, for His blue throat, is that Shivji drank the poison, (that would have destroyed the world) which came out of the Ocean, when it was churned. By holding the poison in His throat, He saved the world. 

Pray to Shivji, Ask Him for what you like, and say:

Om Namah Shivaaya 

He will listen to your prayers.

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