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Dear Children,

Our holy books say that there can be four types of children.

  1. The ‘not so good’ kind who trouble their parents: Shatruputra.

  2. The ok ones who neither trouble, nor are very good to their parents: Rinubandhi.

  3. Those who leave home early in life, to study, may not get married. These do not have much contact with their parents: Udaaseen.

  4. The children who really look after their aged parents selflessly and tirelessly: Sevakputra

I have already told you the story of Shravan Kumar.

(You may read about how Shravan Kumar looked after his blind parents, as a dutiful son, on my web-site)

An example for the ‘not so good’ kind of son: (Shatru-putra) is Dhundhukaari, in the story of ‘Aatmadev’. (Also on my web-site)

Let me tell you a story about a good kind of son: ‘Sevak-putra’

His name was Pundaalik.

Pundaalik used to serve his parents with supreme devotion.

God appeared to Pundaalik while the latter was occupied in doing something that his parents had asked him to do.

Pundaalik refused to leave his job half done, to attend to the Lord!

So Pundaalik handed out a brick to the Lord, to rest on, while he completed his duties!

But do you think that God was upset that He was being made to wait while Pundaalik completed his chores.

No way!

The Lord was amused and He put his hands on his waist and waited patiently for Pundaalik to complete the ‘seva’ (service).

Eent means brick. Remember that Pundaalik asked the Lord to rest on a brick?

‘Eent’ became ‘Veet’ through the passage of time.

This form of the Lord is called ‘Veethoba’ and the place where the Lord appeared to Pundaalik is called ‘Pandharpur’.

Many people flock to Pandharpur , to remember and honor the dutiful child.

Which kind of child are you?

Would you like to be remembered as a good child, or bad, when you grow up?

Remember, being good, does not mean being boring.

It just means that you do what is required of you at the appropriate time.

It is simpler to finish your homework and house work, without spending too much time arguing. You will then have a much longer time to play and do what you really enjoy doing?

Am I right?

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