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Shravan Kumar

Long long ago there lived a very good boy whose name was Shravan Kumar.

Shravan Kumar was a very devoted son.

He loved his mummy and daddy very much.

Unfortunately his parents were blind and old.

The mother and father of young Shravan Kumar wanted to go on a pilgrimage.

So, Shravan Kumar made them sit on baskets and carried them.

One day, the old mother and father felt thirsty, so young Shravan Kumar went looking for water in the forest.

Now in that same forest, King Dashratha, was out on a hunting spree.

He was so proficient in the art; that he could aim, at his target, only by hearing a sound.

As he heard the sound of someone, maybe drinking water, King Dashratha thought that the sound was coming from the act of a deer, drinking water. So, he fired.

I think, you have guessed right.

By mistake King Dashratha’s arrow hit Shravan Kumar.

The boy died.

King Dashratha was very sad at what had happened.

You might say that it was not his fault as he did not know who he was firing at.

But don’t you think that he should have been more careful!

King Dashratha repented for his hasty action, but the old parents cursed him.

They prophesied that King Dashratha would give up his life pining for his son, just like the two old helpless people were about to do.

I sent you the story of the Ramayana last time, did you read it?

If you did, then I would like to tell you that King Dashratha died pining for his son Rama when the latter was banished to the forest for 14 long years through no fault of his.

But also I would like to tell you that when King Dashratha asked Shravan Kumar what the king could do for him; Shravan’s last wish was that the king should take water for his thirsty parents.

You know children, Shravan Kumar is remembered today, as one of the best sons ever born!

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