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These are some of the pictures that belong to an album that I have compiled, of highlights from my life. 

Come! Take the trip down memory lane with me.

Me, in a pensive mood

Could I be thinking of life at that tender age?

I, Shakun, maiden name Vimlu was born on Dec 25, 26 or27 1944.

Which date? not sure. Long story!

Above, with my father Mr. Jamnadas Pessumal Khiani ,

my mother Ms Lajwanti ne Durupadi Jamnadas Khiani (born Uttamchandani) and my elder sister Kamlu


From left: My Chachi Lachmi, My Chacha Mohandas, My Bua Lala (Rukmani), her husband Kishinchand Hundaamal Mahtani, My mother, my father.

In Tangiers (Morocco) 

From left: My sister, my chachi and myself

My father was a good man and my mother was happy.

Happiness was short-lived. My father died when I was 4 yrs old.

My mother took to a life of prayer. Her faith carried her through the many ups and downs of life. She was always protected.

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Life goes on...Dancing to the tune of life and the 'Flamenco' in sunny Spain

My early education was in Tenerife Canary Islands, Spain

Wearing the school uniform of the Dominicas

I am in the center.

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From left: Myself, my sister Kamlu, my cousin brother Nanik

My elder sister Kamlu married in 1957 and stayed on in Tenerife.

Me, at thirteen, right in front.

My mother decided that I needed to be in touch with my Indian culture, so we returned to India. This picture is taken in Milano (Italy) With my mother and my aunt, feeding the birds!


Back in Bombay! Got to meet and get to know the maternal part of my family.

The photo belongs to an album, so excuse the wrong captions around...

Went to Queen Mary High School and then to Jai Hind College.

This picture is taken at a play that I took part in. I am behind the wheel.

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