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Mr. Ram Maheshwary and myself discussing 'Gems of Faiths'

Uzma Naheed (Executive Director IQRA ) 
Uzma works on the curriculum that facilitates moral values in children

Explaining the finer points of the Ramayana to Japanese Ladies, with the help of an interpreter.
It appeared in the front page of Bombay Times dated Oct.16,2003

With Shahrukh Khan

Above: The invitation card and a painting

Nathlie the artist who has painted 'The footsteps of Meher Baba' and myself at 'Hacienda' (Kala Ghoda) where the exhibition was held

Mr Rizvi, myself and Ms Nirmala Samant (Ex Chairperson Women's commission Maharashtra)

Attended a workshop conducted by Ms Smita Jayakar (Oneness Foundation) It was a good Spiritual session guided by the charming movie star, which teaches one how to connect with the Antaryamin (All knowing) who resides within.

To know more...email: rashmi_oneness@yahoo.com 


It is believed that this Ganeshji's idol attracts 28.3% tatva( principle) of Lord Ganpati, maximum an idol can attract is 30% in the gross form. 

The idol is prepared by murtikar Shri Gurudas Khandeparkar
with tremendous Bhav (spiritual emotion for God) under the guidance of the Sanstha's founder -PP Dr. Jayant Balaji Athavale as part of his spiritual practice. The devotees of the Sanstha claim that this Ganesh idol has bestowed devotees with lovely spiritual experiences.

Some more photos goodpeople.com

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