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Oct 6th 2006

To help the victims of the Mumbai Blasts (7/11), Times Foundation had appealed to the citizens to contribute to the cause.  Generous contributions were made by individuals, groups and corporates.


The funds have been utilized in two ways:

  1. Short term relief – Scholarship to children affected by Blasts.

  2. Starting a Disaster Management Centre –  In collaboration with the University of Mumbai, at their Kalina campus A small event was organized to show gratitude to the people who have contributed and also to handover the Scholarship cheques to affected children.


Venue: 2nd floor Conference Hall, Times of India Building, V.T


Actor Viveik Oberoi  graciously accepted to be the Chief Guest for the event and  handovered the cheques to the children.


On 25th Oct.2006

Above, From left: Mr Ram Maheshwary (GM Times of India) Ms Irene Miller (GM Results Foundation) Ms Maya Shahani 

The Vision: Eradication of poverty, they believe that the more succesful people are the better the world will be, to harness people's potential

Nov 2006

At a Times of India party at Kamal Mahal...from left:

Paul George a co-speaker on 'Gems of Faiths', myself and Mr Vinay Somani the initiator of 'Karmayog' (Connector of services of NGOs via emails)

Women's Movement for Peace & Prosperity  and  The American Center in Mumbai 

 jointly organised a talk on "Women & Islam" by Ms.Kathryn Coughlin  President, Global Research and Analysis, Washington, D.C. and Director, Middle East and North Africa Programs of the American Islamic Congress, Inc. 

on  Tuesday, January 23, 2007,at the 2nd Floor Conference Hall, The Times of India Bldg. 

Kathryn states:
The issue is not whether Muslims should study in a Madrasa or not...education should be imparted to students without distortion...organizations operate through students or individuals by presenting them selective and often distorted versions of the Quran...An overwhelming majority of Muslims are not in favor of violence...

Kathryn has studied Muslim texts in the Original Arabic and I looked fascinated as I saw her scribbling a note in the Urdu Arabic script :)

From left to right: Ms Tasneem Kalsekar, Cultural Affairs Specialist, The American Center, Ms Uzma Nahid, Executive Director, Iqra Foundation,

Ms Kathryn Coughlin (Speaker), Ms Kristina Dunne, Culural Affairs Officer and myself

On 5th Jan 07 we had a meeting at the Times of India  where was discussed

  1. The protection of the cow which would bring 'khush-hali'
  2. The cleaning of Vrindavan which would promote Spiritual Tourism and hence invite 'Laxmi'
  3. and the concept of ancient 'Nalanda' to be re-introduced in India and hence invite Saraswati

In the above picture: Dr Deepchand Gardi, Bar-at-Law, Dinesh Shah (Samast Mahajan), Dr PM Kedia, RKS Sudhakar Malpe

World Inter-Religious Conference on Peace (India) WIRCP

On the 24th of Feb 2007 a meeting was held for the formation of an Indian National Interfaith Council for Peace and Harmony to which I had the good fortune of being invited as I strongly believe that this is the need of the hour...We have to bring together men and women of all religions to discuss and identify problems...to publish works, materials and periodicals...

The initiative was hosted by Mr Pratap Bhogilal at the instance of H.H Sugunendra  Theerth Swamiji

Some of the dignitaries present at WIRCP

Read Dadi Nani ki Kahaani



Above left photograph: The group at Nere Village (SKS Chakshu Foundation)
I went with Ms Maya Shahani to the beautiful residence of Mr Nirbhay and Ms Urmila Jain who with the help of the Rotary have adopted around 64 villages. Each village has a population which ranges 150 to a 1000 residents.
I am told that to empower the women was a mammoth task. They had to convince them to come when the children were in school and the house chores were done...
Sometimes those who had already experimented would attend the other villages to empower the other women...
In the picture on the top right, you can see me with the 'President' They sang a beautiful song whose message was that we have to build a better beautiful world!

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