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WMPP (Women's Movement for Peace and Prosperity)and Eager to B. and Sage connected...The function was held at Ms Maya Shahani's beautiful home! 58 people attended.

It was decided that who so ever contributed to a good cause of any of the three organizations would get due credit.

It was decided that there will be complete transparency in interactions.
Alongside: Ms Amla Ruia, myself and Ms Maya Shahani

The charming lady you see above is one of the most remarkable I know.
She is Mala Daswani...I have known her since I was young...She has an uncanny sixth sense, has managed to overcome serious physical ailments and continue to smile.
I am not surprised that she has been elected President of Rotary club, Queen City Bombay. She mentioned in her speech that her pet project is empowerment of women...Maybe we shall continue to connect since I believe in the cause...

Our Uzma Naheed is a brave woman and is not afraid to voice her opinion to better the ‘living conditions’ of her sisters.

 Excerpts from:

Talaq, the way women want it

 Sunday, Aug 30th 2009 TOI Bombay

 A clause called ‘delegated divorce’ in the nikahnama is coming to the aid of many Muslim women

 Mohammed Wajihuddin I TNN

 The talaq (divorce) rules under Muslim law allows men to pronounce talaq but allows women only to seek khula (dissolution of marriage but where the husband’s consent mandatory).

There is a provision for talaq-e-tafweez (delegated divorce). This means that the husband had delegated his wife the right to get a divorce if: a) he treated her with cruelty, b) he took a second wife, c) failed to pay her maintenance for six consecutive months, d) didn’t co-habit even once in six months.

Of all the permissible acts, Allah hates talaq the most.    Nobody knows this better than Uzma Naheed of the Iqra Education Foundation She is a member of the powerful All-India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB), Naheed faced the fury of the male ulema when    she suggested that delegated divorce be included in the    A I M P L B ’s nikahnama. “They said women would misuse this right,’’ Naheed says. “I argued that women are emotionally attached to the families they marry into and would not use it to threaten men. After the ulema refused, I, with help from a few scholars, released our own model nikahnama.’’   Naheed’s nikahnama empowers women with the right to seek a divorce under several circumstances, including when the husband is an incurable drunkard. Although there are no written rules about the conditions under which a delegated divorce can be invoked, its advocates say it should be used ethically and not casually…


20th August 2009

For the Group 21 which was hosted by Ms Indu (Janki G.Vee) and myself Shakun. We invited Ms Mona Patel Shah, the perky lady who stood as an Independant Candidate.
In the picture from left: Myself introducing the Speaker and eminent guests, Ms Shobha Jethmalani Gehani, Ms Mona Patel, and Ms Maya Shahani.

Ms Mona Patel spoke about Global warming and what we as individuals need to do to help Mother Earth to continue to sustain us!

Some points:
The Big Bang..She compared it with what the Bhaagvad says about Creation.
It is more important to Be than to Do: Knowledge Faith and Deep Thought
There is enough for everyone's need not greed.
Mahatma Gandhi

What is Global warming doing to us?
Melting snow caps, the sea level is rising...heat waves in London? Wild fire in Australia and California?...Smog and acidrain...Lung and respiration disorder is on the rise...

Solutions: Recycle...Rain Water harvesting, Solar panels for geysers...Tata and Godrej areworking towards it...

Ms Leena is one of the Founder Trustees of WMPP

HC passed an order on Slum Rehabilitation Scam yesterday. Newspaper Clipping links are given below.  For your information, the NGO mentioned in the articles is Forum for Improving Quality of Life in Mumbai/ Suburbs, which is our NGO. I think, there is still a long way to go. Peoples support is very essential.



Thanking you,
Leena Prabhoo
Vice Chairperson
Forum for Improving Quality of Life in Mumbai/ Suburbs (Forum for IQOLMS)

For the Group 21 of the month of September, I invited Ms Shobha Gehani (in white) Jethmalani...She explained to us how imperative it is to donate our organs. She has a first hand experience in the case of her sister Rani, who had to have a kidney transplant after a liver transplant at a time where such transplants were rare...(Rani leads a full life)
The first transplants that we are familiar with are blood transfusions, cornea transplants...
Some people ask 'If we donate an organ, will be born without it?'
Where is the logic in that question?
I have always heard that whatever you donate returns amply to you...So going by that logic, If we donate an eye maybe we will never need to wear specks in our next life, no?

October 2009

Sage Foundation in association with the PATT foundation successfully carried out the plantation of 2000 trees at INS TRATA at Aksha Mumbai the funds for the same were donated by Standard Chartered bank.
Atta girl, Maya Shahani(Chairperson, Sage Foundation, Chairperson Emeritus. WMPP)
Mighty proud of u!

How networking helps Mother Earth

Maya Shahani writes to Mr Ram Maheshwary (Managing Trustee WMPP)

Dear Ram,
In many ways you have been the architect of my recent successes. The seed of tree plantations was sown in your office at the Times. Do you remember you had organized an amazing get together for Irene Millar, General Manager of XL Foundation who had immediately sent an EMail to the Chairperson of PATT Foundation about your passion for tree plantations. Subsequently you had organized a meeting with SAGE and Kamal Damania who introduced me to the Navy Commanders Singh and Sharma. I have been coordinating with them ever since, and this plantation of 2000 trees is the outcome of our collective effort.
I have just come back from Bali where I was awarded the XL Extraordinay Life Award for 2009. This is a global award given after a system of voting by all the XL members globally. In my acceptance speech I mentioned how the Times Foundation had been instrumental in my growth. 
Someone in Australia is coming out with a movie called "War without Guns" and he has asked me to distribute this movie in India as it is focused on the power of the feminine. I had told him all about the Women's Movement for Peace and Prosperity and Shakun's Gems of all Faiths.
There is lots to catch up with when we meet again. Do come for our Guru Nanak Celebrations on the 2nd of November at 12.00 Noon for the Langar ( Bhandara). Shakun you must pass the word around in your huge group. Meenu Gidwani is one of the singers, along with NoorBegum and others.
With love,



The Women's Movement for Peace and Prosperity (WMPP) has got 2 main objectives:
To connect with good people, good NGOs to realize their dream of making WMPP into a Movement...
We have done that. We are connected with 'Sage' Eager to B. MRA(Initiatives of Change) and IIWA
We connect with the Prerna Singing and Lecture Group...

The other objective of WMPP is to give Voice to the Voiceless Woman...
Let me lead you to its logic...
Women are by nature, compassionate and abhor violence...
How come there is so much violence in the world, despite every family having women members as wives, sisters, daughters?
Obviously the Women's Voice is not heard...
Why is it not heard?
Because maybe she lacks education, an intelligent, logical way to communicate, no financial independance...
So if we provide the above, the world will move towards Peace and Prosperity...

We started a singing Group over 30 years ago. I felt if women can get together to cook, gossip or play cards why can't they get together to sing? The experience was successful...We were initially taught by Ms Gopi Malkani as a group...God keeps sending us new teachers as well as younger entrants to infuse  new energy...We sing for all the major festivals...Above at the Diwali function of 2009


Uzma Nahid - a dynamic lady (Trustee of WMPP) has been working since last twenty years for strengthening the skilled but desolated women in the Muslim dominated areas in and around Mumbai. In a perfect endeavor to address the issues pertaining to these women, Uzma Nahid introduced a unique plan.

 The Idea

As per her Micro Financing arrangement - that she termed as first of its kind in India that too totally on non interest basis - Uzma Nahid under the banner of Iqra International Women Alliance (IIWA) offers two options:

 First, IIWA lends Rs.2000 as an initial amount to the women that they have to return back in an installment of Rs.100 per month. Using the given 2000 rupees, the women either purchase sewing machines or other needed items. IIWA gives them the raw materials to manufacture headscarf, portable and folding Jaye Namaaz - the special mat used for Namaaz, Makwana - the special garment used by Muslim ladies to cover the heads, Juzdaan - the special covering used to cover the Holy Quran and other hand made garments.

Second is like a job work wherein IIWA provides the skilled women the needed raw materials to manufacture the above items, and in return gives them a share in the profit besides giving them labour charges immediatetely.

 To begin with, Uzma Nahid implemented her Non-Interest based Micro Finance scheme at Kurla, Govandi, Ghatkopar and Mahim"We are using quality raw materials, and combined with the hard work and dedication that the skilled women work with, our finished products are excellent at par", says Uzma Nahid adding, "If we talk of just Headscarf, we are exporting 200,000 pieces every month besides supplying half the number in local markets."

 Awesome, to say the least. However, considering the vast experience and impressive success record in the field that this dynamic lady has, the above turnaround for thousands of families is just tip of a huge iceberg…

For our November meeting of the Group 21, Aarti Hundalani (Trustee WMPP) invited one of our own members, Ruksana Vahanvatty to enlighten us on various forms of Divinations and Ancient Knowledge.

Ruksana  explained:
From the 'Void' comes 'chi' also known as 'prana; or Cosmic Energy.
From the chi, also comes the ying and the yang (google search the terms (chi, ying, yang, I ching) if you would like to know more about it.

I Ching is a form of divination...
One of the elements is Martial Arts...another is Medicine...Acupressure, Acupuncture, Shiastu...Tea Ceremony is a Meditation...One should try and raise ones energy all the time...one must aspire to feel connected and centred every day...
Thankyou Ruksana for your enlightening talk!

February 2010

Sonal Sheth, Trustee WMPP has been working as a Counsellor and conducting workshops at the Counselling Centre at the NGO, Women Graduates Union.
 Sonal has also done hypnotherapy with the California Institute of Hypnotherapy and is practicing hypnotherapy which is very effective for a wide range of problems like addictions,  and various emotional  and physical issues.
She offers her services for free as it it gives her great fulfillment to heal and help people.

Prema Iyer

Trustee, WMPP

Lectured BA Students under WMPP banner at SNDT Women’s University, Ghatkopar (How to mould life spiritually)  points  from the Bhagwad Gita. 

Note from Maya Shahani

Chairperson Emeritus WMPP

Chairperson, Sage

Here's an update from SAGE. Along with Rock Your Life we are releasing a movie called Dreamcatchers on the 20th of March. All of you are invited.  Mark this as a red letter date in your calendar as this movie is going to transform your life. It is slated to be bigger than " The Secret"  Do go to the website www.DreamcatchersMovie.com  

Feb 2010

Kumbh Mela, Vrindavan: February 13th, 2010:  An inter-school painting competition was organised at the ‘Paryavaran Khalsa’ in the Kumbh Mela in Vrindavan. The purpose of the camp is to organize environmental awareness programme in the event of Kumbh Mela. Different schools participated in this event and the children expressed their view with the pencil and paints about the deteriorating condition of the environment. Some students blamed the industrialization for the deterirating condition of the environment through their paintings while some painted the condition of Yamuna in Vrindavan. The painting competition was sponsored by the Women's Movement for Peace and Prosperity, Mumbai

Ms Shashi Mahajan, translator in Hindi of 'Dadi Nani ki kahaani' inspiring students with her compassion and knowledge

Kumbh Mela, Vrindavan: 16th February 2010: An enviro - spiritual discourse programme was organized at the Paryavaran Khalsa of Friends of Vrindavan. The school children from different schools attended this programme. The purpose to organize this programme was to aware the school children about the link of spirituality with the environment. Ms. Sashi Mahajan from the Women's movement for Peace and Prosperity, Mumbai, Ms. Radhika, famous tarot reader, Mr. Madhumangal Shukla, environment activist, Mr. K. B. Mahajan and Mr. Swapan Goswami addressed the school children how the spirituality is linked with the environment. Daadi Nani ki Kahani - book written by Ms. Shakun Narain was distributed among the school children. The mid - day meal was distributed to the school children by the Akshay Patra Foundation after the programme.

Ms Sunita Godbole (Trustee WMPP) Contributed to a tree plantation effort on 31st of July 2010
This is the second in the series of the volunteering tree plantation efforts being undertaken by Sunita Godbole & Rajiv Chavathe & Small Causes Court Mumbai  giving people the opportunity to contribute towards making Mumbai a green city.

2nd of October 2010 Gandhi Jayanti.
Shakun Narain, Chairperson WMPP, was one of the speakers at the MRA. The other speakers were Julio Ribeiro, Uzma Naheed, Aarif. It was a wonderful evening filled with Shairis friendship, song. My talk was 'Living Gandhiji's Dream' I elaborated on Gandhiji's quotes:
Some of them:

First, a story
1) During Hindu Muslim riots
When a Hindu lost a child and was inconsolable
Gandhiji told him to look after a Muslim orphan, one who had lost his parents in the senseless rioting.

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong
Not forgiving is like carrying rotten potatoes constantly on your back...
Whenever you are confronted with an opponent, conquer him with love.

2) An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.
Let us look into the mind of Gandhiji

3) His slipper dropped as he was riding a train.
He threw the other slipper. He felt that for the finder it would be useful to have both slippers.
a) We fail because we do not persevere
b) Failing does not mean we are failures
c) People without conviction take the middle of the road, they get run over
(They sit on the fence)
d) Losers have a book full of excuses
Eg wrong stars, wrong parents
e) Wise people learn from their mistakes
These mistakes are called experience

I was listening to a taped discourse of Shri Morari Bapu who states that we could live in a perfect world if we were to imbibe the following salient qualities from the various religious Giants:
The wisdom of Shri Krishna.
The service and love of Christ.
The brotherhood of Islam.
The compassion of Buddha
The non-violence quality of Mahavira…
If one looks close enough, each religion embraces all the above qualities...


In the Bhagavad Geeta, Krishna says to Arjuna: "This secret gospel of the Geeta should never be imparted to a man who lacks penance nor to him who is wanting in devotion, nor even to him who lends not a willing ear...
The Holy Quran says: Lakum Deenokum Walia Deen"_ Your religion and belief is for you and my religion and belief is for me.

Read about our Eager to B. Group activities. Click:


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December 2011

I Shakun Narain Kimatrai in my capacity as Chairperson of WMPP keep updating events in the form of photographs on:


Ms Maya Shahani with former UK Minister Mr Gordon Brown

In my capacity as Vice Chairperson of Global Dialogue Foundation, I participated at the UNAOC Forum in Doha on 11th December 2011. Over 2,500 political and corporate leaders, civil society activists, youth groups, faith communities, research centers, foundations, journalists, ministers, and heads of state came together to agree on joint actions to improve relations across cultures, combat prejudice and build lasting peace.

Hosted by the ruling Emir of the State of Qatar, the Forum had among its attendees the High Level Group member from Qatar H. H. Sheikha Mozah, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, and High Representative for the UN Alliance of Civilizations President Jorge Sampaio.

The UNAOC’s Forum in Doha was a milestone in the UNAOC’s existence. Under the theme ‘Intercultural Dialogue to Boost Development’, high-level debates on how advancing towards the goals of the UNAOC can contribute to foster sustainable development and, in particular, achievement of the Millenium Development Goals, were conducted. The Alliance works in four program areas to support its projects. These areas are: youth, media, education, and migration.

Over 400 youth and 300 civil society organization representatives participated in the Forum. Through roundtables, workshops and debates, participants put their minds together to agree on joint actions and make pledges. The program featured project-specific working sessions, interactive discussions and debates, as well as provided a convening space for civil society organizations to present their exciting initiatives. One of the major outcomes of the forum was to increase and rely on youth participation for decision making.

I had the honour of sharing the stage with Mr. Gordon Brown, Former Prime Minister of UK , Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey, and Rabbi Arthur Schneier, UNAOC Ambassador, USA amongst others. In my capacity as the Vice Chairperson of Global Dialogue Foundation, I spoke about ‘Trust and Tolerance to Advance Development Goals’.

Centre for Management and SAGE Foundation have been identified by UNAOC as their officiating partners in India.

With best wishes,
Maya Shahani
The SAGE Foundation
Centre for Management
Vice Chairperson,
Global Dialogue Foundation/Unity in Diversity

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